Colors Of The Varanids. 


birb has not seen you in such a long time

we must birb hug

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Black Pearl Leopard Gecko

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All the cousins. 

I have waited many moons for this post.

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I KNOW like jesus christ my feelings can’t take that fic at all but I keep reading and it keeps tearing me up (I started getting misty-eyed during the correspondence interlude and I never get misty-eyed for anything ever).
The thing tht gets me every time is Newt’s almost overanxious and uncontrollable thought process. We’re present for all of it and it hits a nerve with me, because that’s what I do too, albiet I haven’t drifted with an unspeakable alien terror and had my brain reconfigured to hold another person and Them.
Also the confession of actual-life-partnership-romantic-partnership-view-to-sexual-relationship jerked my heart right out of my chest. Newt is so worried he’s fucked it up, is going to fuck it up and he’s pretty fucking confident it’s not a when problem. He is totally convinced he is the reason for all his failed relationships, that the onus is always on him, and he’s terrified of hurting Hermann and losing him, through whatever fashion.
(Which, actually, somewhat denying the agency of his past romantic partners, but given his state of mind it’s really not that hard to understand his thought process.)
Also, I’m dying over the car. I love that car. I want that car to meet the taxi and become close “friends”.


strangeharpy asked: re: your comment on that DCWT fanart - Same, that's why every time that fic updates I make a post "I AM READING THE LATEST DESIGNATIONS CONGRUENT WITH THINGS UPDATE AND I AM NOT OKAY"

I am simultaneously okay and not okay with DCWT every time I read it. I AM TRAPPED IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION WITH THAT FIC




uhhh spoilers for chapter 27 of designations? *w*;;;

this scene just made me very, very happy

FERIOWIND.  How did you even do this.  So quickly.  I literally do not even understand.  It has been less than 24 hours since the chapter was released.  Explain yourself immediately.  THIS LOOKS AMAZING.  Jacket.  Lighting.  Faces.  LIGHTING.  Choice of moment. Lighting. Choice of dialogue.  Lighting.  Randy Waterhouse hair. Lighting.  This is a thing of ridiculous beauty.

How even

This chapter punched me right in the gut.


had to go back to op for the source but this is rami kadi’s 2013/14 fall-winter collection

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…. turns out the “dandelions” I’ve been feeding Steven aren’t actual dandelions.


Though he’s never been sick or had any problems eating it, but it’s still not dandelion

you could always dust his greens too if you feel like he needs more
He tends to be ultra picky about eating dusted greens, and I’m just as worried about overdosing him with calcium as I am with denying him the right amount.
Probably mostly just anxiety, but I feel it helps to worry about these things so I can ensure he lives a long and happy, pain free life.